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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Secret Tips To Prevent Phishing Attack

If you use your credit card online, then you're exposed to phishing attack. It's not just credit card users, but others who always entering their information through the Internet are also exposing themselves to this type of threat.

Phishing is define as stealing sensitive information using social engineering tactics. The phishers will attempt to duplicate trusted websites to retrieve your information.

Recently, researchers have found that the phishers can used a domain trusted by phishing filters to retrieve information from innocent users. This can become a headache because this attempt can bypass anti phishing filters and steal your information with the anti-phishing software installed.

How we can avoid this from happening? Nowadays, even trusted domain cannot be trusted.

I would like to suggest you to be very careful when entering your information to any website. Especially the websites that you do not trust.

If you're using the Internet Explorer 7, it has a built-in phishing filter. This built-in phishing filter can checks whether the website you're visiting is a suspicious website or not. But, don't rely on this filter too heavily.

Install a third-party anti-phishing software. It can help to protect you from phishing website. One anti-phishing software that I recommend is CallingID.

Remember to not click the link inside any emails you receive asking you to log in. If you receive an email asking you to update your banking information or something like that, type the URL directly to the web address. Do not click the link provided in the email. For example, if you receive an email from Paypal asking you to log in, type the Paypal URL directly to the web address instead of using the link provided in the email.

This can prevent phishers to steal your user name and password.

Everyday there will be attempt to steal our information and if we let our guard down, we might become their next victim. Before this happened, remember to take all the security measures that you know.

Even though we cannot have a water-tight security, but,it's best to take all the security measures that we can afford rather than have nothing against the phishers.

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