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Monday, March 1, 2010

WordPress Security Plugins - Half the Battle

You might think that installing a few WordPress security plugins does the entire job of protecting your site. Security plugins can help make your site safer (i.e. database backups, login lockouts). Most people don't realize that there's much more involved in order to protect a WordPress blog.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Surf Anonymously - Protect Your Personal Information by Hiding Your IP Address

Identity theft is one of the worst crimes anyone will experience. As the name of the offense suggests, it is an online crime wherein another person uses your identity for their personal gains. More often than not, your personal information is used to purchase products or even acquire services. The bad thing about this crime is that you may not know it before you see unknown credit card charges or collection calls about the products you did not acquire.

This type of online crime can happen to anyone who frequently uses the internet for various forms of transaction. If you are constantly shopping or paying your bills online there is a possibility that someone is already trying to monitor your activities. That could lead to identity theft once they gain access to your information.

Gmail Login Security Tips

Google's systems are subject to cyber attacks just like every other email server. The best way to counteract the threat of this breech of security is to keep up to date with the Gmail security features and suggested actions.

The easiest step toward ensuring your Gmail log in information is secure is to simply not give it out. Emails you receive asking for your personal log in information should be ignored. Gmail, nor any other company or server, would solicit this information directly from users. Also, you should change your password regularly. Gmail recommends you change your password at least twice a year without repeating the same code in the same six month span.

Tips For Creating Strong and Secure Passwords

Computer hacking happens when hackers who know your password do not have to resort to technological exploits, instead they can log on and do anything that you can do on the computer or network. Keeping your password secret is one of the most important things you can do to in information security to protect your computer against security breaches.

The first step in information security is creating strong passwords that cannot be easily guessed or deduced. Tips for creating strong passwords include the following: Do not use personal information for your password. Social security numbers, driver's license numbers, phone numbers, birth dates, spouse names, and pet names are all factual information that can be found out by others.
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