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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Surf Anonymously - Protect Your Personal Information by Hiding Your IP Address

Identity theft is one of the worst crimes anyone will experience. As the name of the offense suggests, it is an online crime wherein another person uses your identity for their personal gains. More often than not, your personal information is used to purchase products or even acquire services. The bad thing about this crime is that you may not know it before you see unknown credit card charges or collection calls about the products you did not acquire.

This type of online crime can happen to anyone who frequently uses the internet for various forms of transaction. If you are constantly shopping or paying your bills online there is a possibility that someone is already trying to monitor your activities. That could lead to identity theft once they gain access to your information.

This type of online attack is possible because of your IP (internet protocol) address. In gist, an IP address can be compared to the mailing information - it's a very specific number assigned by the internet service provider. Once the attacker knows this IP address, the attacker can now monitor your specific online activities. Every information and data sent online (credit card information, passwords, etc) will be monitored by the attacker.

Fortunately, there is a way for consumers to protect their personal information. There are online companies that can hide your IP address of their customers. The attacks will be averted because they will be provided with"dummy" information which is useless. Some of these online companies offer their service to surf anonymously for free but it's a lot better to use premium services. If you are constantly using the internet for financial transactions, better use premium services for complete protection.Hiding your IP address to protect your identity can be considered an extra task for some consumers. But this is just a small price to pay to avoid identity theft which can ruin a person's financial standing.
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