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Monday, April 14, 2008

AVG Free Anti Virus Scan

AVG are one of the forerunners in the field of free anti virus software. Despite offering a free version of their product, they have continued to invest in technology and remain at the cutting edge of the fast moving computer security industry.

The company behind the range of AVG Anti virus products is AVG Technologies (formerly Grisoft). The name comes from the first product that they brought to the market called Antivirus Guard. The company is Czech in origin and was started back in 1991.

The free version of he software is available for home users to use on single workstations. It is extremely popular and has been downloaded more than 70 million times. An important feature of the software is its low system requirements. This means that it will efficiently carry out its detection without slowing down (or crashing) your machine.

The company no longer offers technical support for the free version of the product. For this you will need to pay the modest fee to upgrade to the professional version.

The professional version also offers some extra protection - anti spyware detection and anti-rootkit. With the increasing threat of identity fraud due to spyware, this is a feature that many people will welcome. Some malicious programs, such as keyloggers and trojans, use rootkit technology to hide in your computer. The anti-rootkit makes it possible to detect them.

For total protection AVG also offer an Internet security suite. This product includes an anti spam module and firewall. This is intended to give you complete piece of mind when on the Internet. This particular product does have higher system requirements, so it may affect your PC's performance.

AVG remain a dominant force in the computer security industry. Whether you choose their free anti virus software or upgrade to a fully featured product, you are sure to be getting a good deal.

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